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Company Overview

Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Kelun-Biotech, KLUS Pharma is committed to fostering global collaboration and maximizing the value of our diverse pipeline. Our top priority is addressing the unmet needs of patients suffering from cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and other severe diseases due to the lack of effective treatment options. Utilizing our innovative technology platforms for small molecules, antibodies, and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), we have advanced multiple candidates into clinical trials to treat these debilitating conditions.


Kelun-Biotech has streamlined antibody discovery and engineering capabilities, which enable a seamless transition from target discovery to product development. Our team of industry experts in immuno-oncology, immunology, and cardiology, can rapidly advance lead candidates from bench to market. We have identified and assessed a multitude of potential therapeutic targets and are currently conducting preclinical and clinical studies for more than ten promising therapies.

Company Overview

Our company is focused on addressing the needs of patients who lack effective treatment options and aims to combat life-threatening diseases with the discovery and development of novel and safer antibody-based therapeutics.

Company Timeline

Oct 2019

SKB264 (TROP2 ADC) Phase 1 trial initiated in the US

May 2018

A166 (HER2 ADC) Phase 1 trial initiated in the US

Jan 2018

Department of Translational Medicine established

Sep 2016

Department of Biologics R&D established

Aug 2016

Department of Clinical Research established

Oct 2015

Department of Business Development established

Oct 2014

KLUS Pharma founded

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