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KLUS Pharma is Attending 2021 BioPharm America Digital Conference

KLUS Pharma will join the 2021 BioPharm America Digital Conference held from September 20-23. We are excited to engage with potential partners on both in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities. We will introduce our diverse pipeline of innovative small molecules and biologics, including:
• A167 (anti-PD-L1 mAb, BLA filing)
• A140 (Cetuximab biosimilar, Phase 3)
• A166 (HER2 ADC, Phase 2)
• SKB264 (TROP2 ADC, Phase 1)
• KL-A289 (anti-LAG-3 mAb, Phase 1)
• A337 (PD-L1 x CTLA-4 bispecific, Phase 1)
• SKB315 (Claudin 18.2 ADC, IND filing)
• A336 (Anti-Factor XI mAb, IND filing)
Small Molecules
• A223 (JAK 1/2 inhibitor, Phase 2)
• A277 (KOR agonist, Phase 2)
• A204 (HBV capsid inhibitor, Phase 1)
• A400 (RET inhibitor, IND filing)
• A296 (STING agonist, IND filing)
We are currently seeking partners with strong clinical and commercialization teams in ex-China territories. We are also open to potential opportunities to enrich our existing pipeline with novel therapies targeting solid tumors and cardiovascular disease.


Friday, September 10, 2021

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