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KLUS Pharma to attend 14th World ADC London 2024

KLUS Pharma will attend the 14th World ADC conference held in London, UK from March 12-15, 2024. KLUS Pharma is the US subsidiary of Kelun-Biotech, a mid-sized innovative biopharma company based in Chengdu, China. Kelun-Biotech is advancing a robust pipeline of innovative antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of solid tumor indications, based on its proprietary ADC platform (OptiDC) utilizing a novel TOP1 payload and optimized linkers. Several of these ADCs have advanced into clinical trials, including TROP2, Claudin 18.2, and Nectin-4, with multiple other candidates in preclinical development. Additionally, in ongoing collaboration with MSD, the global development and commercial strategy for certain ADC assets are underway. Kelun-Biotech is committed to becoming a leader in the ADC field and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with potential partners to develop safer and more efficacious ADCs for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

Business Development Team

Monday, March 4, 2024

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